We are looking for gifted software engineers

Are you eager to surpass yourself on a daily basis? Perhaps you’re a junior coder looking to get propelled to the top? Or maybe a more senior developer that wants to be challenged by the best? Well, then our team of top-notch software engineers is looking for you.


Our team

We take a great deal of pride in our balanced team of passionate software engineers, designers, marketeers and creatives. Our company’s development team consists of 10 software engineers, ranging from promising juniors developers to full stack senior software artisans. Our office is located in the heart of Amsterdam’s historic city center. From here we run a lean and mean operation in an entrepreneurial environment. Our goal is to create fertile grounds for you to find mastery of your pursuits – and in the process we build great products with true impact.


Our products

We currently run 3 web apps. All are scalable and impactful SaaS platforms. Smart.pr is a state of the art application for PR professionals. Over 250 clients use our software every day (e.g. KLM, Unicef, RedBull). In the next few years we aim to radically expand our international client base.

To stay on top of our game we’re also working on inspiring projects like Nouncy.com. This is a new way for companies to amplify their message using to power of their social networks. Last up is Journa: an ambitious new product that helps journalists brand themselves. Ask us, we’d love to tell you all about it.


Our stack

We use cutting edge technologies to create our industry-leading products. At the same time, we’re not religious about the technologies we use. The tools have to fit the job. So please feel free to enlighten us. To give you an idea, these are some of the technologies we are using now:

  • Smart.pr: JavaScript, AngularJS, Python, Django, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Ansible
  • Nouncy: JavaScript, Python, Node.js, AngularJS, Django, MySQL, MongoDB, Rx (FRP), Giphy
  • Journa: JavaScript, Node.js, React, Redux, MongoDB, RethinkDB, Elasticsearch, Docker, Ansible, Imgur

Sounds interesting? Please drop us a line at mark@smart.pr. Or call us at +31 20 751 66 29. Please make sure to include a CV and a few words about your drive to work together.


Team Smart.pr