And welcome to’s highly official jobs section. Please scroll down to find the vacancies that we are actively interviewing for. And note that we are always on the lookout for talent. So should your profile fall short of any of the jobs listed below, please reach out to us anyway or check out Startup Studio Nescio’s job section. We work with a talented team of ballet dancers, fire breathers and puppet masters. Come join our circus of wonders.


Team is looking for a Customer Success Manager

Image edited from Roy Lichtenstein’s “Woman in Bath” (1963) is looking for a Customer Success Manager. Someone able to combine some of that mighty fine TLC for our users with all the technical and commercial aspects of running and scaling a SaaS business. Please get in touch if you think you got what it takes to join…

Superstagiair gezocht

Oké, dus je vindt startups best interessant? Tegelijk weet je misschien niet eens precies waarom.. Zijn het de mensen, de software, de constante verandering? Hoe dan ook: op zoek naar wat je écht leuk vindt, wil jij het komende half jaar vooral onwijs veel leren, veel lol hebben, misschien zelfs wel afstuderen? Wij zijn….

We Are Looking for gifted software engineers

Are you eager to surpass yourself on a daily basis? Perhaps you’re a junior coder looking to get propelled to the top? Or maybe a more senior developer that wants to be challenged by the best? Well, then our team of top-notch software engineers is looking for you.   Our team We take a great…

You found us! #findwally @ Uprise! Hooray!!

So you met our team at our stand at Uprise? Had a laugh? : ) Maybe even posted your own Wally-picture to Instagram? And you think you got what it takes to join our team of hard-to-find Wallies? Welcome to our website! We are always looking for talent.