Fer’s flamin’ farewell fest

Peeps, if the weather allows, we’ll have a get together on the roof tomorrow. And not because sales are going well (that’s sooo blasé) but because of Fernando Gomez Marin. Without a doubt the man with the most beautiful name in the company, our frontend salvation. But most of all: a great dad-to-be. He’s trading Amsterdam for Seville.

First of all…

Let’s get our acts together. Click the video, let the music play and get your ass back here. There’s no Spanish communication without Paco de Lucia.

OK. That’s that.

So, where were we?


We were talking about Fer

Ah, yes. Fer’s going back to Spain. At least for a little while. And who wouldn’t? I for one could name a few reasons not to stay in Amsterdam… Definitely with the upcoming world cup and all.

Dutch Hooligan


Spanish Hooligan


Dutch Tapas


Spanish Tapas


Dutch Dance…


Spanish Dance


This list goes on and on

Anyway… you get the point.

But as we all know, the real reason for our frontend superstar to go back home for a bit, is that he and Jessica are getting a baby girl.


To celebrate this, to wish him and Jessica a safe trip home and to give Fer a last pat on the shoulder before he hits the plane, tomorrow we’ll organise a BBQ on the roof. Starting around 18:00 hrs.

It will look exactly like this:


Okay, well maybe not exactly like that…But then again, in real life, who ever did see one of those Spanish hooligans I mentioned before? So, next to just good vibes, please bring some imagination. And a flexible mind, as rain is predicted and we might have to skip to plan B.

Whatever that means.


Okay team, that’s it for now.

Please let us know whether you’ll be there by responding to the calendar invite that was sent earlier.

Team Smart.pr